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Connecting People With Place by promoting well-being, belonging and cultural value through sustainable Heritage and Archaeology.

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Cleveland Archaeology Trust CIC is a community interest company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales, company number 12441367


  • To conduct archaeological investigations in compliance with ethics and standards as defined by the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists (including treatment of human remains) and other such professional bodies related to analysis, conservation, archiving, publication, dissemination and presentation, in a sustainable way; to operate with due authority, appropriate licenses and permissions, and appropriation of legal ownership of finds.
  • Fieldwork may comprise non-invasive activities (e.g. map regression, desk-based assessments, LiDAR laser survey, geophysical survey, topographical survey, drone-based digital reconnaissance, aerial photogrammetry, systematic field-walking); invasive activities (e.g. evaluation test pit excavation, open area excavation with or without mechanical stripping, auger coring, sampling regimes of sediments).
  • Non-field activities may include desk-based preparation, finds processing and analysis, documentation, scrutiny of existing (museum) archives, presentation, archive creation (physical and digital).
  • Recruitment of community volunteers irrespective of ability, experience or interest level, supported by professional oversight (incorporating risk assessment, comprehensive insurance, health & safety provisions).
  • Provision of training (field, indoor, contextual, and interpretative), guidance, educational programmes, and community educational events.
  • Maintenance of publicly-accessible archives (physical/research, documentary, digital) in a sustainable fashion including storage in accredited repositories (as available) and public displays (static and mobile) for educational purposes.