REAPING TIME is a banner for a community-inclusive venture, a true adventure, to discover more about East Cleveland in north-east Yorkshire. Our ancestry, no matter where we have all come from, dates back to the last Ice Age, over 12,000 years ago. People, just like us, have been artisans, creative folk, canny traders, farmers and, more latterly, industrialists, all against a backdrop of changes to our environment and circumstances.

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People have visited a place which has more beauty and potential than many realise. This is the spirit in which we want to create a collective narrative, a celebrated story, about what and who we are here, and how we can share this with everybody, whatever their background, means or life histories.

Our project prospectus also demonstrates the benefits of how ‘feel-well’ communities can attract investment, philanthropic and commercial, as well as enjoying our potential as a diverse, evolving and friendly region. We are more than a set of villages; we may sometimes be consumed into greater pools, yet our identity in East Cleveland remains unique. Our past is as much of that identity as our aspirations are.

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    The document summarises what we already know about our 10,000 years of archaeology since the last Ice Age, and why we think this is an important area to investigate in East Cleveland, with incredible potential.
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