Reaping Time

East Cleveland Community Archaeology Project

The East Cleveland Villages Big Local investment by the National Lottery will make significant contributions to our communities, our collective wellbeing and our aspirations both to celebrate our vibrancy – even in difficult economic times – but also to showcase the potential we have well beyond our region.

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This heritage and archaeology project aims, at its core, to recognise our long, shared past as a key component to understanding how and why we are all here, why we thrive, how we have endured, and why our area is very special on a national scale too. We have a very real prospect of demonstrating an even richer value beyond – and this is in no small part of where ongoing ventures at Street House (Loftus) continue to surprise in our discoveries and uniquely nuanced north-east place in a bigger world. We should not be surprised to add to our reputation in the areas we intend to focus on in this project. The hints, by careful research and observation, are more than there!

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